In order to make long distance consultations easier I will need you to send photos of yourself. To be specific I need photo(s) the body part you wish to have tattooed.Remember that this is going to be a tailor made tattoo designed for your exact body shape so we need to approach this as a tailor would. The best method I have found so far is as follows.


  • Another Human.
  • Measuring Tape or Ruler.
  • Sharpie or a fine felt tip marker
  • Camera or Camera Phone
  • Both you and the other person read the following before starting.
  1. Stand straight in a relaxed position. It’s best to shake all tension out before the photo. Concentrate on relaxing, not on making the body part more easily viewed. We tend to want to help people when they are doing things for us by moving our bodies to accommodate what we think they need (think about sitting with a Barber/Hair Stylist). The best way to help is to stay still. Every movement we make changes the shape of our bodies. I will be putting the stencil on when you are standing and relaxed. So that’s how I need the photo.
  2. Using the ruler or measuring tape and a sharpie, have the other person make two small, thin lines exactly two inches apart from each other near the center of where the tattoo will be. I prefer them to be horizontal lines stacked vertically, but really either way will do.
  3. After measuring shake out and relax again. Then have the other person take the photo with the phone/camera held centered and parallel to the area. This is critical because if taken at an angle it will disrupt the overall measurements and could possible lead to a redesign of the entire project.
  4. Once the photo(s) are taken email them to me at and put Consultation Photos in the Subject field.


  • BACKPIECES- If you have long hair please bring it over your shoulder to the front for the photo
  • SLEEVES- While keeping your arm down, straighten your elbow as much as possible without over extending and splay your fingers out. Sleeve photos should be taken from the side/profile perspective.